Onehunga High School



(a mixture of calisthenics, pilates, primal exercises, yoga, and Qi Gong, plus some eye yoga as taught by Meir Schneider). Great for winding down, and relaxation, but also strengthening and body balancing. Suitable for all age groups, with less emphasis on intense stretching than yoga. This class is designed for couch potatoes, the athletically challenged, and people stuck behind desks all day using computers. It will wake up muscles cramped from sitting too long, give relief to modern-life induced stiff hips, lower backs, stiff ankles and necks, and sore computer eyes! More mindful and holistic than typical gym classes, with an emphasis on functional exercises like learning to squat properly; pick up objects off the floor without stressing the back; firing up the glutes and hamstrings, that is, your posterior chain; learning how to sit in chairs without stressing the spine, etc. Exercise mats and blanket all that’s needed.