Onehunga High School



Term 1 Students will learn how to use a drop spindle to spin traditional yarns from processed wool fibre and raw sheep fleece, and to use their handspun yarn to knit or crochet simple hats, cowls or mittens. Material fee approximately $30 Term 2 Students will learn how to use a drop spindle to spin lace yarn and art yarns, learn to use simple colour theory to blend and dye fibres. Students will use their handspun yarns to make a circular woven project and a novelty scarf. Material fee approximately $30 Term 3 Students will learn how to use a supported spindle to spin lace and medium yarn and learn to knit a simple lace shawl. Material fee approximately $30 Term 4 Students will learn how to spin wool and other fibres on a spinning wheel. They will be able to spin differentiated yarns: lace, medium and bulky in worsted, semi-worsted, and woolen and novelty styles. At the end of the eight week course, students will produce a collection of various yarns and use them to make an original creation by using knitting, crochet, and weaving techniques. Material fee approximately $30 for wool and other fibres. Students have to prepare their own spinning wheel. Contact tutor for help in finding a wheel.