Onehunga High School



A course for beginners, exploring visual expression in paint, investigating colour and texture. A programme designed to uncover your artistic potential.

Abstract and gestural painting, often referred to as action painting, incorporates methods such as splashing, dripping, scoring, pouring, scraping and splattering paint. Emphasis is put on colour and texture and the actual act and physicality of the painting process itself. Up until the mid-19th century, Academic art dominated the art world, resulting in a form of art highly polished with no traces of the artist’s hand. Around the 1850s abstract gestural painting quickly became popular allowing artist’s free movement of the painted surface, expressive brushstrokes and intuitively driven expression.

In this course students will learn to use some of the techniques associated with this painting process and become comfortable developing and creating their own journey through a variety of techniques within the painted surface.

Please bring a couple of pencils and paper on first night. 

Please follow the link to the Introduction video