Onehunga High School





Onehunga High School has three short study groups confirmed during July/August 2019.

We are looking for caring kiwi families who are able to host international students, include them as part of the family and show them some kiwi hospitality. Details of the groups are as follows:

  • Chinese students; 3 February to 9 February; two students $600.00 for 6 nights including transfer;
  • Chinese students; 11 February to 22 February; two students $1,100.00 for 11 nights including transfer;
  • Japanese students; 21 July to 3 August; one student $70.00 per night including transfer;
  • Japanese students; 27 July to 8 August; one student $70.00 per night including transfer.

Hosting students is a rewarding experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn about different cultures. Both our families and students enjoy this a lot. You can find some of the feedbacks and photos by joining our Facebook page. Please click on this link and have a look at a summary of the beginning of this year:

We require families where English is the first language, to give the students every opportunity to improve their oral language skills.

If you would like to help, or know of any friends, family or neighbours who would be interested, please contact Maryam on or phone her on 021 980 718.

We are not currently running any courses of this type.